Emergency Medical Services


Today the Town of Greenville contracts with Greenville Rescue Squad for 24/7 coverage by 2 EMTs. We staff our crew at 11184 State Route 32.  

Greenville, NY, USA   |  +1.(518)966-5530  |  grs8110@gmail.com


We are over seen by a Board of Directors comprised of 4 people from the town.

Chairman: Ted Nugent Jr                                              Chief: Matthew Marlow

Vice Chairman: Clif Powell III                  

Board member: Fran Sickles

Board member: Danielle Powell


Greenville Rescue Squad Inc.


Greenville Rescue Squad Inc is located at the corner of State Route 81 and 32 in the Town of Greenville, New York. The Greenville Rescue Squad Inc was founded in 1972 by a small group of dedicated volunteers who provided emergency medical services and took pride in providing the very best pre-hospital care to the citizens of Greenville.